Information for athletes

What is AOA?

AOA - Agility Online Administration is a professional online agility platform available to athletes and organizers.

Various AOA services are free and are offered as AOA BASIC. The extended services can be bought as AOA Abo.

AOA Basic or AOA Abo?
Choose your suitable scope of service!
Here you can find the complete overview :

Comparison table (pdf)

User profile (Login)

There is a shared login per user or household for all entered dogs (licenses).

You can always adjust your user profile under " MUTATIONS / user profile " .

Create AOA user profile

Master data / Dogs

Master data
All teams (dog & handler) assigned to your user profile are at your disposal under "MUTATIONS / master data".

Add dogs
Logged in you select "MUTATIONS / + add dog" and enter the data.

AOA Test-Abo

With the registration of a new TKAMO licence an "AOA Test-Abo" subscription will be opened automatically and free of cost.
The Test Abo is limited on at most 5 registrations and ends at the latest 60 days according to the registration date (what enters first).


AOA Abo subscription is a paid expansion to AOA Basic.
For an annual contribution athletes can buy the extended AOA Abo services.
There is no compulsion to complete an AOA Abo subscription!

Abo contribution
An AOA Abo subscription runs on the dog (licence no.).
1rst dog CHF 20.-- per year
2nd dog CHF 20.-- per year
from 3rd dog CHF 50.-- flat per year for all dogs living in the same household

Calculation Abo running time
The running time is calculated individually per subscription and is not based on the calendar year.

New Abo: registration date + 1 year
Prolongation of Abo: old  expiration date + 1 year

AOA Abo activation / prolongation

Whether an AOA Abo is wished or not can be fixed per licence.

Procedure: after the login click on "AOA Abo". AOA calculates the contribution charges and an overview can be printed for all licences.

It suffices to pay in the subscription contribution to activate the AOA Abo subscription (E banking preferred). After receipt of-payment the AOA Abo subscription is in general activated within max. 5 working days.

Payment information

E-Banking preferred
Link to QR payment slip

Raiffeisenbank Wohlen, 5610 Wohlen AG
CH46 8080 8001 2507 9468 2
In favor of
Philip Fröhlich, agilitysports, Ballyweg 9, 5604 Hendschiken
Payment purpose
Please note the AOA customer number